Success down to a
dedicated team

MUSICIANS Barrie Fletcher and Chris Hobbs-Rex began to tire of their life on the road in 1985. Thirty years later, the idea they had while on tour has grown into an international business, Stagecraft Visual Communications Limited. Three decades ago, the pair had enjoyed some minor success and had kept their dreams alive but the constant workload, the travelling and the changing face of music finally made them consider alternative employment.  It was during a UK tour with an American singer that discussions got under way.  Barrie could saw a piece of wood and Chris could draw pictures and, as daft as it seems, this formed the basis for launching a company. Barrie had connections with two local agencies who needed conference stage sets building for United Carriers, Barclaycard, Heinz, Kodak (Switzerland ) and the ILDM (Institute of Logistics).

The imagination and skills of Stagecraft’s team are illustrated in a wide range of eye-catching projects. In 2015 they mounted a quarter-lifesize galleon onto a trailer for the Captain Morgan Rum brand, built two festival event trailers for the Smirnoff  Vodka brand, the Gordons Gin brand and designed and manufactured a range of event assets for the Pimm’s brand. The team’s other projects included the design and construction of a full digital movable five-metre diameter retail and experiential unit for Pod Global Solutions, who are based in Scotland. Barrie and Chris are now shareholders and directors in the enterprise and the prototype was sited  at the Edinburgh tram station. It is now waiting to go into one of the busiest railway stations in the UK. Once again, Chris had to head off to Asia to source all 56  of the 1000 x 500 LED

screens which form the basis of the display and discussions are under way for a global rollout of the Digi Pod®.



Chris Hobbs-Rex concluded: “So, from very humble beginnings, we have really grown in stature with our clients. We have had so many wonderful experiences because we simply do not say ‘no’ and our  clients like the one-stop approach. It is an important fact that we get the job done to a very high specification, in a competitive industry. You are only as good as your last job. “We appreciate the support from all of our suppliers many of whom are also in this anniversary feature. Without them we would not have a business. “Lastly, both Barrie and I would like to sincerely thank the following who tirelessly work as a dedicated team at Stagecraft - Paul, Tim, George, Steve, Ralph, Dave, Jim, Phil, Jamie, Mandy, Sallyann, Erin and Sam.”